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Welcome to the public alpha/demo/testing build of The Great Frebbventure! Contained within is the game's first world in its basically-complete form, levels, cutscenes and all. It ain't huge, but with 9 unique levels plus an unlockable bonus stage, 4 intense bosses, and a buttload of collectable completionist medals, it's pretty dang dense! Look at all of these  f e a t u r e s !

10 unique stages!
Every single level in the game is structurally and aesthetically distinct. You'll explore sunny tropical plains, twilit mountains, brambly jungles, and volcanic wastes, encountering challenging new mechanics and bouncin' new soundtracks with each stage. And that's just the first world!

Seamless platforming and combat!
Frebb's got a ton of moves, but don't worry, you won't be getting locked down behind tanky mooks and magic gates every 20 seconds. Most of his attacks even have applications in platforming. Imagine that!

4 intense bosses!
And that's not even counting mid-stage minibosses! You'll have plenty of opportunities to put those aforementioned moves to use in these fast-paced encounters.

A buttload of completionist medals!
Every single level in this game has at least 1 medal, and all standard platforming levels include 3. One is for beating a stage without being hit more than the allotted number of times, one is for beating the stage under a time limit, and the other is for collecting all 100 gems in the stage. Every medal collected gives you coins you can spend on items and alternate color palettes for your character, and 100%ing every stage unlocks a bonus level.

Check out the GMC devlog here! https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/the-great-frebbventure-a-perfect-a...

Check out my DeviantArt page for additional concept art and screenshots and whatnot! https://www.deviantart.com/almyriganher

Note: Game Maker: Studio standalone executables are known to trigger false positives in some Antivirus software. If you experience any problems with that, download the installer version instead.


The Great Frebbventure 0.1.6B.zip 19 MB
The Great Frebbventure 0.1.6.zip 18 MB
The Great Frebbventure 0.1.5.zip 18 MB
The Great Frebbventure 0.1.5 (installer).zip 20 MB

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Enjoyed your game =D gonna be making a part 2 on it soon. Definitely following =D

Thanks! I gave your video a like and left a comment.